Ah, we made it. This year is different — for the first time in Skoltech's history, we cannot gather together to celebrate New Year's (even though this time we deserve it more than ever). So, let's do it the safest possible way — online. After all, one of the benefits of this format is the ability to get some greetings from our leadership... personally.

But wait, there's more! Below you will find an online Space to meet people just like you would meet them in the Main Hall of the Skoltech campus (trust us, it's awesome), Instagram masks to share your spirit on social media, and, of course, voting for the best artwork from Skoltech children. Scroll down and enjoy :)

Happy New Digital!
Alexey Sitnikov, VP for Communications and Community Development
Keith Stevenson, Provost, Full Professor
Tatyana Zakharova, VP for Finance and Operations
Clement Fortin, Associate Provost for International Affairs
Alexander Safonov, VP for Development
Alexey Ponomarev, Senior VP for Industrial Cooperations
Salman Ali Thepdawala, President of Student Council
Alexander Kuleshov, President
How long has it been since you've visited Skoltech? Let's get a bit nostalgic now and meet each other at our virtual space — we have created a cozy hall that looks... well, familiar!

This virtual campus is open until Friday morning, and you can *literally* meet your colleagues there. Create your digital twin, approach all the people you can see to start a video conference. But careful, don't click too far — once you step away from the group, the conversation will end (you know, like it happens in real life).

Say hi to your colleagues, exchange your greetings, news, emotions and holiday wishes. Enjoy!
Show your Instagram followers that you are a part of the Skoltech community — use our Insta masks created for this special occasion:
The youngest members of the Skoltech community created a lot of beautiful holiday crafts — you can choose the best among 51 participants. Help them win their well-deserved prizes and make their holidays better!
This year we also invite you to help the "Syndrome of Love" Charity Fund that supports children, teenagers and adults with Down syndrome in Russia. Every donation goes towards an array of useful services that Syndrome of Love provides free of charge to families with Down syndrome patients.

To make a donation, follow this link and click on the Skoltech Christmas tree. Then follow these steps:
  1. Choose a grey Christmas decoration – grey means it is available;
  2. Choose the amount you are ready to donate (explanations are given – a class with a speech specialist, on-line consultation for a family raising a child with Down syndrome, a free annual subscription for a parents' magazine on Down syndrome, etc);
  3. After choosing the amount and the type of gift click on the red banner below and pay with your credit card (the note that appears before payment suggests you choose another gift or move on to payment).
In case you want to donate anonymously you can use "No-name" and noname@yandex.ru as an email.