Skoltech Staff
Excellence Awards

Dear colleagues,

This year, with pride and joy in our hearts, we are extremely delighted to invite you to join the Skoltech Staff Excellence Awards, recognizing individuals' and teams' exemplary contribution to the Skoltech community and commitment to the Skoltech values.

Nominees have been proposed by the directors of the centers and heads of departments, and now we would like to ask you to vote once in each nomination.
The voting has been completed.
And the winners are...
Award categories & nominees
In alignment with Skoltech's strategic vision, these four award categories have been carefully chosen to spotlight and commend outstanding contributions from our dedicated staff.
Strategic Research Excellence Award
Recognizing individuals or teams that exemplify excellence in advancing knowledge within the six target domains. This award celebrates those who contribute significantly to frontier research collaborations, embodying Skoltech's commitment to pushing the boundaries of knowledge.
National Impact Innovator Award
Celebrating individuals and teams that play a key role in national technology programs. This award acknowledges a substantial impact on the economy through the creation of new enterprises, products, and jobs within Skoltech's R&D portfolio.
Educational Leadership Excellence Award
Honoring those demonstrating leadership and best practices in making Skoltech the top choice for international education in Russia, recognizing their key role in developing a competitive educational offering.
Supportive Environment Ambassador Award
Celebrating those who contribute significantly to cultivating a supportive environment at Skoltech for excellent performance and growth of talents, shaping the Institute's brand.