October 29–31
online in Zoom
in English
The more hackathons,
the better, right? Right.

Challenge yourself with a real case from Sber. Create a team of 3 initiative Skoltech students and join our hackathon to gain cool experience and compete for a money prize.
40 hours of coding, teamwork and coding again (whole weekend)
225 000 rubles total prize fund
(top-3 teams will be awarded)
real-life task at intersection of business and technology by Sber
teamwork, atmosphere,
fun and pizza
Sber is not just a bank, but an IT company with its own ecosystem consisting of more than 50 companies from e-commerce to robotics a and self-driving vehicle.
Skoltech graduates work at Sber as Data Scientists, ML researchers, technical leads, and they are doing well. Not surprisingly, because the corporate culture there is great: no dress code, sport and its own corporate university for all employees
The goal of Sberbank Risk Management is to reduce uncertainty to better shape and manage future scenarios
Ultimate evidence-based decision making

Anastasiia Annenkova
2021 year graduate, MSc "Information systems and technologies"

The Hackathon experience helped me to understand what I like to do. I went for a job interview after my graduation to one of the HackLab sponsors. I was not sure which position I should apply for, but I clearly formulated tasks I wanted to do based on the hackathon and startup experience. I found the position of the business analyst was perfect for me. I passed all the stages of interviews quickly and I was accepted to the team! Now I have been working here for half a year. And I really love what I do every day :)
these guys will evaluate your work during the hackathon
Roman Alferov
Managing Director Data Science, Head of Retail Risk Modeling, Risk Management
Varvara Simakova
Executive Director Data Science, Retail Risk Modeling, Risk Management
Alexander Kosukhin
Senior Data Scientist, Retail Risk Modeling, Risk Management
Vladislav Solovey
Senior Data Scientist, Retail Risk Modeling, Risk Management
Alexander Isakov
Data Scientist, Retail Risk Modeling, Risk Management
Olga Borisova
Data Scientist, Retail Risk Modeling, Risk Management
Dmitry Androsov
Data Scientist, Retail Risk Modeling, Risk Management
more reasons to apply, and then the application form below
get the opportunity for
future employment
gain problem-solving experience
in time-limited condition
boost your
teamwork experience
get valuable
point to your CV
try your skills and knowledge
on real-life task
understand needs
of industry better
to apply?
Individually, but you will work in a team of 3 (think about your team in advance).
How are the hackathon
results assessed?
By jury composed of Sber representatives.
What if I am
on the waiting list?
Keep calm and wait. We will try to resolve it.
I want to participate, but I don't have a team. What to do?
Fill out the application and make a note that you do not have a team in the "name" field.
We'll add you to one of the teams.
Should each team member register on his/her own?
Yes, but you need to indicate the same team in each form to let us combine you into the one team
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questions? feel free to ask us —
we are here to help :)
Lada Simacheva
Head of Skoltech Student Career Center
Sofya Pimenova
Specialist of Skoltech Student Career Center