Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Fill in the form below until December 8 to take part in Skoltech Secret Santa game.

Dear colleagues and students, may your Christmas celebration be filled with joy, happiness, opportunities, warmth, and love. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

We invite you to celebrate the New Year with our big friendly Skoltech Family and take a direct part in the holiday – play the Skoltech Secret Santa game.
What is Skoltech Secret Santa game and how to play?
Secret Santa game is an anonymous gift exchange in which, by drawing lots, each participant receives a random number of the participant and prepares a gift for this person. You become that person's "Secret Santa" and the person who chose your number becomes your Secret Santa.

All those registered through the form below will automatically get into the anonymous draw, which will take place on December 9. Each participant will receive 2 numbers: one number will need to be indicated on the gift that you will give, and by the second number you will be able to find your gift under the Christmas tree on December 16. But, of course, if you want the recipient to find out who his secret Santa is, you can put not only the number, but also sign who the gift is from :)

We will send a separate email to all registered with detailed instructions, where we will explain how to find out the numbers on December 9.

After that, you will need to prepare a gift within a comfortable amount, sign it or with the number, bring the gift to the campus on December 15, and put it under the Christmas tree in the main hall.

Everyone who took part in the game will find their gifts under the Christmas tree on December 16.
The celebration and game timeline ✨

Please note that if you just want to come to the celebration and do not plan to take part in the game – you do not need to register.

If you register, you will automatically take part in the draw and you will need to prepare a gift, otherwise one of the participants will be left without a gift. Please be responsible :)
Deadline for registration in Skoltech Secret Santa game
December 8
Congratulations from President in the main hall and buffet, Skoltech Secret Santa game
December 9
Draw and numbers
December 15
December 16, 15:00
Deadline for participation in the game is December 8.
Collecting gifts