LLC Sunsense presented the new generation solar modules based on materials with perovskite structure. These mini-modules are suitable for powering small autonomous IoT devices in low light conditions (indirect window light, artificial light), mostly indoors. The project is at TRL 4.

Technology scope:
— sensors for the industrial Internet of Things (greenhouse complexes, production, etc.). The integration of solar modules into the sensor will ensure its autonomy, mobility, while the need for annual labor-intensive battery replacement in numerous sensors will be avoided;
— household gas-leakage sensors. When using solar panels, such sensors will not turn off during power outages (and this is the most dangerous moment for the safety) and will not discharge at the wrong time;
— sensors for northern and/or remote regions to ensure the autonomous and long-time service life of sensors for monitoring forest and steppe fires.
Competitive strengths:
— maximum efficiency of solar modules in any type of lighting (diffused sunlight, artificial light of any spectrum) is much higher than for traditional photovoltaic technologies;
— customization of the size and shape of the solar module, possibility for various designs;
— possibility flexible modules manufacture for integration on a curved surface;
— high power output per unit mass of the device;
— low cost of production due to implementation to additive technologies.

Market in Russia and competitors:
The market for compact solar modules for low-light applications is currently valued at $85 million with the estimated growth by 10% annually. The main competitors in this market are manufacturers of amorphous silicon-based solar panels such as Solems (France), Panasonic (Japan), and Putian Weite Electronics (China). Together, they occupy about 80% of the global market. However, the characteristics of their best devices are significantly inferior to the solar modules of LLC Sunsense. And the self-cost of Sunsense devices will be significantly lower when entering industrial production.

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