V-Batt introduced a technology of an industrial-scale energy storage system based on vanadium flow batteries. Electrical energy is stored in electrolytes, which are located in two reservoirs, and pumped through cells where electrochemical conversion takes place. The project is at TRL 5.
Technology scope:
— autonomous energy source for data centers;
— energy storage system for base stations of mobile operators;
— energy distribution hubs for electric grids;
— backup energy source for electric vehicle charging stations;
— energy storage system for solar panels and wind farms.

Competitive strengths:
— five times cheaper than analogues;
— high durability;
— safety — energy sources are inflammable, inexplosive, and fully recyclable.
Market in Russia:
more than $11 billion (as expected by 2035).

lithium-ion, lead batteries.

CEO: Farid Zalyaletdinov, +7 962 954 95 45.
CTO: Mikhail Pugach, +7 967 040 64 01.